What Sets ICFN Apart?

Taking advantage of an opportunity

InnerCity FiberNet, LLC was founded in 2002 to take advantage of the niche opportunities unveiled in the financial meltdown of the telecommunications industry from 2000 – 2001. It was our strategy to purchase and trade for distressed, empty and loaded, fiber optic underground conduits in the central business districts of Dallas and other cities to provide high-speed internet and data solutions across the networks we would purchase, tie together, build and improve.

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The ICFN network is 100% subterranean (buried) and constructed to stringent carrier-grade specs. Our network is loaded with high-count, high-capacity fiber. We have built dual/diverse entries into multiple telecom-centric, carrier-neutral facilities to facilitate CAP (Competitive Access Provider) services, and we are constantly adding enterprise buildings to provide our services to new customers throughout our ever-growing footprint. ICFN is evaluating new technologies to add underserved buildings adjacent to, but currently not connected to, our network (on-net buildings) for a fraction of conventional building costs. This enables us to approach small to medium-size buildings (on the edges of our network) that the larger telecom companies have passed over due to the cost of connection versus projected returns. Additionally, ICFN has acquired a 56-mile fiber network in Phoenix, Arizona, with a commitment to bringing the same brand of affordable, fiber-based communications services to the Phoenix area in the very near future. Watch for press releases as we grow into this exciting market.

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Today, we have seen dramatic growth and have built a solid reputation for fast service delivery, reliability and flexibility. Our current customer base reflects all aspects of modern industry from retail, educational, governmental, financial service, oil and gas, entertainment, telecom carriers and cloud service providers. ICFN’s robust and competitive network can easily carry or scale according to the needs of our clients, many of whom choose ICFN for an unparalleled level of personalized attention.

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Our vision? To construct a locally owned and managed, high-count fiber optic network that would be affordable not only to Fortune 500 companies, but small to mid-sized companies as well. A philosophy of providing open, unlimited capacity and service options to our customers means our lit service and dark fiber solutions impart substantially increased value and freedom.

The initial network in the Central Business District of Dallas, Texas, was comprised of duct systems, which we augmented through exchanges with other carriers and utilities, and ultimately loaded a very high fiber count in 2004. We went live in 2005, promptly turning up our first fiber customer.

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The past year has marked additional milestones for ICFN in Dallas, Texas. We completed an acquisition that was two years in the making. Through this transaction, we have acquired an additional network segment that boosts our network footprint to over 80 miles in the Greater Dallas area. We are currently working to extend our fiber footprint by building into a number of new facilities which will dramatically increase the number of on-net buildings we have in the Dallas market. It is our goal to make Dallas, Texas the best-connected city in the United States.